Quantcast Control Measures for Systematic Pilferage

or visitors. Such searches are authorized when based upon probable cause that an offense has been
committed; searches may be authorized upon military necessity.  Instructions of COs about such
searches should be specific and complete.  Security personnel should be taught that incoming
personnel should not be searched over their objection, but they may be denied the right of entry upon
refusal to consent to search. All persons entering facilities should be advised in advance of likely
searches. A notice prominently displayed can fill this need. Persons should know they are liable to
search upon entry, while on post, or upon exit.
(3) Care must be taken to ensure that personnel are not demoralized. Their legal rights should
not be violated by oppressive physical controls or unethical security practices. Persons should not be
routinely searched except in unusual cases.
b. An aggressive security education program is a good means of convincing employees that they
have much more to lose than to gain by thieving. Case histories may be cited where personnel were
discharged or prosecuted for pilferage. Care must be taken in discussing these cases: individuals
involved should not be identified. This will avoid possible civil suits for defamation of character. It is
generally poor policy to publicize derogatory information about a certain person. It is important for all
employees to realize that pilferage is morally wrong; this is true, no matter how little the value of the
items taken. It is particularly important for supervisory personnel to set a proper example. They must
maintain a desirable moral climate for all subordinates. All personnel must be impressed with the fact
that they have a duty to report any loss to proper authorities.
c. Adequate inventory and control measures should be instituted.  These measures should
account for all materiel, supplies, and equipment.  Poor accountability, if it is commonly known,
provides one of the greatest sources of temptations to the casual thief.
d. All tools and equipment should be identified by some mark or code (where feasible). This is
necessary so that government property can be recognized. Government tools and equipment have
counterparts in the civilian economy, and they cannot otherwise be identified as government property.
Another control method is to require signing for all tools and equipment to be used.  The use of
signature control methods reduces the temptation to pocket the item.  Proper documentation and
accountability is the best method of controlling materiel.
5. Control Measures for Systematic Pilferage.
a. Package Control.
(1) A good package control system is an invaluable aid. It helps greatly to prevent or minimize
pilferage, acts of sabotage, or espionage. No packages, except those with proper authorization, should
be allowed into restricted areas without inspection.


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