Quantcast Military Police Reference and Training Manuals


Military Police Investigations, Security Planning, Materiel Control, Authority and Jurisdiction, Search and Seizure, Aspects of Economic Crime, Confinement Procedures, Military Police Operations, Storage of Evidence, Conducting Investigations

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Army Military Police

MP0018C-Military Police Investigations

mp0100b-Reserve Component MPI Supplemental Materials

MP1000C-Physical Security Planning

mp1001c-Installation Security

mp1002c-Area Security

MP1003C-Materiel Control

mp1007c-Military Police Controls

mp1008b-Reports and Forms

mp1016a-Testimonial Evidence

MP1018D-Authority and Jurisdiction

mp1019c-Principles of Criminal Law

mp1020d-Confessions and Admissions

mp1021d-Search and Seizure

MP1022B-Legal Aspects of Economic Crimes

MP1025-The Army Correctional System

MP1026-Custody and Confinement Procedures

MP1027-Prisoner Administration and Programs

mp1028c-Battlefield Circulation Control Hasty Route Reconnaissance

mp1029c-Battlefield Circulation Control MSR Regulation and Enforcement

mp1031b-Area Security Operations

MP1033B-Military Ploice Station Operations

MP2000C-Military Police Operations and traffic Enforcement

MP2001B-Special Military police Operations

mp2002c-Search, Seizure, and Temporary Storage of Evidence and Contraband

mp2003b-Provost Marshal Operations

MP2004B-Direct Personnel Conducting Investigations

mp2010-Rear Operations

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